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With safety as its highest priority, the Regional Airline Association (RAA) represents regional airlines before legislative and regulatory agencies, and provides a wide array of technical, educational, and promotional support to regional airlines and their supply company partners. RAA’s 32 member airlines operate half of all U.S. scheduled passenger flights and carry more than one in five domestic passengers. RAA members serve more than 600 U.S. airports, and 77 percent of those airports depend on regional airlines, exclusively, for their only source of scheduled air service. RAA also has 280 associate members, including aircraft manufacturers and services providers, all committed to safety above all else. 

Over the past decade, the RAA has helped its 32 regional airlines form a seamless operation with their major partners, and the organization has played an integral part in America’s air system. Currently, more than half of the nation’s daily flights are conducted by regional airlines, carrying nearly one quarter of America’s passengers. Without regional airlines, nearly 500 communities across America would cease to have any air service at all. Regional airlines have become a significant and essential contributor to the American transportation system and overall economy. Regional airlines employ some 57,000 professionals dedicated to the highest safety standards.

For more information about RAA and its mission, visit www.raa.org.

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